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Green Chickpeas Powder – The green facewash for softer, dewy skin!

I can’t emphasise enough, but most of the things we find in our kitchen have immense potgreenpeas.JPGential to heal our skin internally. Being my own guinea pig, I can never stop experimenting. I have a T-Zone skin, it’s oily , yet dry – strange combo but a common one.

While people with oily skin have their advantages, there are baggages to it!!! Ready for acne 🙂

So, here’s what I have been doing lately – proudly share, as it is working!!! The green powder is a part of my morning face wash ritual

What are chickpeas? These are mature dried seeds, a rich source of protein, high in vitamin A, folate, potassium and dietary fibres.

We know Vitamin A is great for cellular turnover, along with the fibrous texture, its has soft exfoliation that works well to wash of the excess grime and sebum from the skin.

Potassium lends it’s support in retaining the moisture.

Feeling after the wash: Clean fresh feel without stripping moisture – exactly what I was looking for. Th good thing is, there is no need for any lather or soap to wash. Old habits die hard, by evening I am on to a face wash but for starters, this is a great habit and I see the benefits I intend to stick to it. I am sure the moisture feel I experience after the wash is indicative that the pH balance has not been disturbed which is the biggest challenge with any face wash.

How do I make it?

Powder the chickpeas in your kitchen grinder enough so that you can use it for 30 days. Don’t forget to store them in a glass jar.

Paste: For the sake of variety and depending on how my skin feels on any given day, at times I add it with rose water, sometimes with curd and sometimes add some bit of avocado oil. Prepare a quantity as per singe use – what next, take it to your shower :). For me, leaving it on for 3 minutes is sufficient, WORKS well for everyday use. Times you may want more exfoliation, let it dry longer.

I definitely feel great after every wash, hence continuing my practise. My skin feels good with this ritual, what more can I ask?

If you have oily skin, that goes red, or breaks out and is at times dry too, implore you to try for at least a week to form your own judgement. The best thing about kitchen experiments is, if they don’t work   – they at least don’t harm your skin!!

So friends, why don’t you spend and extra 5 mins in the kitchen today, creating your own beauty powder…tell me how it works for you? Would love to hear. Happy Sunday and don’t forget to smile, that’s the best beauty secret, as I keep reminding myself!!!






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