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The secret to your love hormone – fall in love with cacao!

A simple yet dramatic difference between cocoa and cacao is the raw vs. roasted beans. It changes the algorithm of the food dramatically – the behavior of the nut and how it acts on our body. Cacao has Tryptophan which boosts growth hormcacaoone. It is also responsible for making serotonin. You must have heard of serotonin – the hormone of love and bliss!!!! Yeah, this feeling of love and happiness is triggered by a hormone called serotonin.It make us happy and evokes the lovey dovey feel within us.

Oops, like I told someone, love is a chemical imbalance….hence proved by our great scientists!!!

I am sharing the absolute delight I have found in cacao in its raw form.I consume it as cacao nibs (raw crushed cocoa nuts) – the raw source of chocolate. It is chocolate in the most unadulterated form, dried and straight out of the plant. I had happily replaced my tea rounds in office with green tea but beyond a point green tea does get on to me and I need that change, cacao is a delightful intervention to the routine, in fact I mix green tea and cacao… the drink is a potent re-energizer. The drink instantly lifts me up. I urge you to include it
as a part of your daily detox diet.Here are some compelling benefits that will tempt you as I am experiencing it already and implore you to experience it for your self. Like all good things in life feel best when shared, here is what I discovered and experience with CACAO

  • Raises my HQ (happiness quotient 😉 : Remember my point on serotonin…super healthy way to build up your serotonin levels and raise your HQ, I am unreasonably happier as per people around. cant say it’s all this but a definite contributor!
  • Feel in love without falling in love: When we fall in love, our body neurotransmits phenylethylamine, a neuro chemical richly present in cacao! Love is not dependent on people or the person you love, its simply how you feel and here is how you start to feel more love 🙂
  • Super antioxidant: As per US department of Agriculture/Journal of American Chemical Society and Brunswick Laboratories MA, USA, CACAO is open of the richest sources of antioxidants. You would/should know antioxidants prevent our body from free radicals responsible for damaging healthy cells, ageing and various diseases. So stay young and healthy
  • Mineral Rich:magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, calcium and potassium – building blocks for your cell and essential for life force. going by all research, I trust this to be true…google it for yourself.
  • Super roughage and hence a great detox: Cleans your system
  • Spiritual Force  – Food for soul: Raises your prana levels, I have no proof but  have experienced that post cacao, my yoga is better, now researches are happening all over the world to understand how cacao expands your heart chakra, makes you more loving. We know the chemical part of this shift so perhaps easier to understand where the spiritual heightening comes from.

How to have it/how do I have it? Cacao Nibs: order online or buy if you have a store around

  • Brew like coffee +add pepper honey (honey of your choice, I ll be trying cinnamon honey too) – filter and sip just like your daily tea or coffee.
  • Don’t throw the nibs, mix a little honey and enjoy chewing it! This  may be an acquired taste if you don’t take to it naturally, don’t give it up, be patient with it and let it grow on you. After all you are letting love grow on you through cacao.

Love and Joy, Sukirti

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