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Are You Bathing Alone My friend?!


“Hurry, you gotta rush to work!” … and then among the many daily chores that we attend to mindlessly everyday, bathing snuggles somewhere in between, typically the morning rituals! Mindless as it gets – a part of  our basic check list….something we get done and get over with without putting any attention to it!I am not sharing this because I am a water baby which I am by all means, am sharing this because bathing in my opinion is as much of a spiritual exercise as meditation itself!

I have been infamous in my family for my Cleopatra showers  – lol, when I stepped in for my ceremonious bathing, people at home/ hostel were worried when the water would run out! ‘Save water’ petitioners would hate to hear this honest admission.

While I m not propagating that you finish the precious H2O all over yourself, I do want to get your attention to this ritual in a detailed manner….HOW CAN YOU BENEFIT the max out of something you do everyday any which ways. Everyday we come in contact of millions of people, starting from traffic to office to wherever we go…by contact I mean we meet…while we physically may embrace or may not, the auras mingle…some times we come back home carrying someone else’s energy in our auric field. the days we are vulnerable it’s easier to absorb those energies.

The days when your mood or energy level shift to a lower frequency even though you were feeling good to start with…you can’t explain you may find yourself saying “I DON’T KNOW WHY I FEEL THIS WAY!” Yes, you don’t know because you are not aware of the aura and how it communicates on your behalf.

So in case you were thinking, pollution is the only reason you bathe and hygiene is all it offers, there is a deep spiritual science to why you need water.Water has an intrinsic and strong ability to detox you simply by running over you. Running water is a great for absorbing negativity and draining it out your system.Here’s how I benefit and feel wowed by a detox bath….it’s simple but yet again worth sharing for I would love you to benefit the way I do

1. Please Bathe Alone: Remember, your body is the first house you live in…so when you shower, be in the awareness. STOP thinking about that meeting, the work, your boyfriend/ girlfriend, or anyone. Between you and your bathing RITUAL, LET NO ONE COME. This may seem like a small tip but can count me on this… it is the biggest way to detox both internally and externally …..thoughts have energy and if you focus your thought to be in that experience and in that moment you will see the benefits returning 10 folds detox… one of the other ways to be in the moment and only with your soul..is to bathe repeating your favorite mantra….or put on a cleansing meditation music…or bathroom singing (has merits), if you have the power of visualization , use the technique to imagine the flowing water carrying away toxicity down the drain….Bottom line is, be there in the act! These are some of my ways and implore you to find yours or adopt the ones that suit you!

2. Take a Rock Salt Bath: Did you know the power hidden within rock salt? (http://www.stylecraze.com/articles/benefits-of-rock-salt-for-skin-hair-and-health/). It is a potent detoxifier and deeply pulls out toxins from our body.

Ideally go for rock salt bath once a week. Salt works on the principle of OSMOSIS hence pulls water in its direction…whether inside the body or outside. Along with that, it  takes away the toxins… cleanses chakras and does lot of energy healing … generally you’ll find yourself happier by the sea…. Tune in to your soul’s frequency and leave the unwanted energy out of your system through salt bath.

rock salt

3.Aroma oils: A generally good practice is to add oils to your bath….concentrate oils have smells that have a strong role on changing our spiritual frequency.For example:The lavender oil from the flower called lavender is a light fragrance that feels gentle and is easily absorbed by the skin. Lavendar, is a disinfectant and also has skin softening properties, but that’s about the beauty aspect.

lavender oil

Spiritually lavender, raises our frequency to generating feelings of love, compassion and enables us to see and appreciate the beauty around us! It brings a non-explainable sense of calm…perfect for those evenings of great stress!!!!

This is all I do, I will add more if I add something to my regime, but the common thread in all that I do is to treat bathing as a spiritual experience!!!

Just like you want to pray every day, let  bathing be your prayer J

Love and Joy, sukirti

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