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Is your salad for dieting or to die for?

Often the thought of salad, stirs boring expressions and is typically the least preferred meal option. It’s like…ah well, to lose some weight, you have to lose the joy of good food! I wasn’t very different till I started treating salads as the divine meal of the day 🙂

Salads  don’t have to be boring and can be a great appetiser or meal with multiple tantalizers for your taste buds. I took on to salads not to lose weight but to eat food with high levels of prana (life force), what better than raw leafy vegetables…I look forward to preparing salads. Basis my experience, I can safely say that the more joy you take in preparing it, the better it tastes!!! The joy lies in preparing and so does the taste !

Sharing a recipe for those who love salads or are hoping they start loving it for all the goodness it has…good habits can come easy, if we do it with mindfulness and some sweet tricks!!IMG_20160808_150115

My salad for the day has:

  1. red and greek oak lettuce
  2. cilantro leaves
  3. carrot
  4. pomegranate
  5. cucumber
  6. moong spouts
  7. yellow pepper
  8. and cottage cheese
  9. Dressing: Lemon, pepper, paprika powder, basil leaves, lemon peel and ofcourse salt (you can add rock salt too if you wish)


So how does it look? Red, green, yellow, white and orange…hmmm colors of food have their own unique benefits on our mood and well being…may be in my next article, i will cover how?

Taste and feel: Spicy, tangy, crunchy,mouthful with cottage cheese

There are variety of flavours acting in synergy, eat slow and you will know, the strong aroma of basil, makes it a spiritual delight, cottage cheese gives you the fullness and the leaves and sprouts leave you with chewing delight!!

The best thing about salads is the freedom toprepare it your way – you can create any mix and that’s a recipe, experiment with a new kind everyday and it will never be boring. Sometimes I add apple cider, sometimes its tamarind sauce, sometimes tangerine, sometimes I sprinkle sunflower seeds and sometime it’s chia. What I am saying is that, this is the most versatile meal and you  become your own master chef – you’ll love what you eat and so will others (can’t guarantee for others though ;). So go ahead and create the magic and medley of flavours – let it be your canvas, paint freely, relish the experience of preparing!!!

Happy salad day :), remember to chew slow and enjoy every bite!!!

Love and Joy, sukirti

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