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Atia shares, from 148 to 121 pounds in 3 months, the healthy way…



Have known Atia since my college days and one thing that has always inspired me about her is her spirit to bounce back from any situation and turn it around to her advantage… Over the years, she fell in love, got married and before I  realised she had two kids (growing up fast.. now towards teens)… Secretly, I used to wonder, why has she become someone who has forgotten to take care of herself… she had plumped up considerably, a natural state after two kids but  the desire to bounce back…what happened to that? Why do women in the process of taking care of their families forget themselves…WELL, SHE DIDNT’T LET ME THINK THAT WAY FOR LONG….one fine day, the woman folded her sleeves and got on to this mission of “i want myself back”… she has shared her journey towards being fit and feeling awesome like her college days…and BTW, these days her Mr. Right is on his toes trying to match his wife’s new zing for life. Nearing two decades of relationship, the romance as I hear is refreshed…he is suddenly keen to take Mrs.Imam out on those cool dinner dates 😉

In her words:

Waking up one fine day post 2 kids and finding yourself glued to a diet that spells “WHO CARES” with oodles around everywhere and looking at a snap from college makes one wonder “what the hell I have been doing all these years?”

Let me phrase it….ummm You feel compromised.

Similar was my case after 11 years, I decided to challenge my body weight from 67 kgs in Jan….so  I not only hit the local gymn but also decided to challenge my tongue which so far was trained to happily indulge in butter chicken, pizza, pasta and Biryani.

So what did I do? to achieve 55 kgs in between 15-jan 15 March is a journey worth sharing.

The words are “Dedication and training.” I survived on a diet of Muesli (topped with Almond and walnut, raisins), Papaya and Apple, Apple cider vinegar, Flax seed. Every morning (at times I would cook poha and upma (MTR ones, I am a lazy cook) and add all the goodness by topping it with beans, broccoli, peas and peppers to make it healthy and appetising.

I would stop my craving initially by eating a spoon of normal food from my kids’ plates 🙂 but slowly that craving subsided as well…I was training my mind by not starving but giving away old habits gradually.

Well for those who think only exercise can give you that enviable figure  – think again! As a matter of fact it takes heaps to take off your plate in order to take heaps off your body. LOL

While gymming tones your muscles and skin, so you do not look like a bag of skin but the real weight loss is incomplete without a balanced diet….the kitchen is where the major work happens .  Atleast 45 minutes prior to hitting the treadmill I started having low fat milk and muesli diet, along with an apple or a bowl of papaya or water melon ( well lets face it the body needs it fuel to workout eh!)

My nighttime dinner of steamed broccoli, mixed bell peppers, coriander, cucumber , carrot, iceberg lettuce and my homemade tandoori grilled chicken. I would add apple cider vinegar , salt and pepper and Teriyaki dressing, tossed it and relished as my night time meal. Not only it helped cleanse my body but the capsaicin in peppers increase body’s fat-burning rate and promote weight loss. Broccoli and chicken provide the needed protein. And now I can shock the cheese lovers  by saying that you can add a cube in your salad (please use fat free version).

While I took to kick boxing you can take up whatever you fancy so 1 and half or 2 hours of workout can give you the fab body you desire. I would skip (skipping rope) twice a day 200 each time increasing it to 500 a day.

Planned cheating: I would cheat once a week but next day would train harder at gymn to get address the need for indulgence.

My journey to a great body wasn’t easy and believe you me it was curvy as the body I desired. All I can say is if you really really want what you really really want, prep yourself and there’s so much more to follow along with some great recipes which will hand hold along the way. So look out for my posts

Like they say its tested on animals or not. I can vouch every suggestion or word that I pass on here is “ME” tested from the word GO..

  • Begin morning with Apple cider vinegar 5ml with half cup water followed by flax seed a spoonful. A spoonful fenugreek powder (
  • Then after 15 minutes muesli with low fat milk raison almond walnut later followed by papaya or apple
  • Tulsi green tea (antioxidant rich) I drink organic India you can buy any but you need to boil it NO TEA BAGS
  • Lunch 1 roti pulse chicken veggie (NO POTATO I:) BE GREEN AND PARTIALLY COOKED) curd and salads
  • Later in the evening Fruits or muesli again followed by same tea
  • Exercise (7 to 9 pm)
  • 10 PM by super tasty salad described above (you can’t eat salad 7 days days so give yourself a break and cook upma, poha or vermicelli and add all of these veggies in sautéed format.
  • End your day with Flax seed and a spoonful of Fenugreek powder

While I tried a combination of Garcinia+ green coffee extract capsules bought online for accelerated weight loss. I would consumer them 2 in mornatia-3ing before breakfast 2 right before hitting gymn and 2 at night time. Later reduced it twice a day before exercise and morning. (I saw it work on my abs and waist by increasing my metabolism and reducing my urge to eat) I also took supplements of antioxidant, vitamin A, D, E, C and calcium once in a while as I love my skin.

Love and Light, Atia

Atia (38), back to the college feel…back to looking gorgeous



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