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Since when are men and women suppose to be equal?

Women, this is addressed to you or let me say us. We are constantly raising our voices to say we want equality. Men and women are equal…do you in the deepest and the most honest corners of your hearts believe that men and women are equal or supposed to be equal?

Before, I raise too many eyebrows and unpleasant expressions (if at all), let me draw your attention to what I am saying, why and what is the deep spiritual understanding I carry on this heated topic. The intent is to if at all widen your perspective and hopefully help you be selective in your battles or see if there is even a battle at all.

I often smile when I overhear dating couples fight and the topics being as silly as “if you can flirt with ten women , why can’t I ? Tell me really, is it really you in your divine feminine form? Will you really be alright doing that or is it just about winning a pointless battle with your spouse or boyfriend?
Is it more of your desire to get equal by revenge?

You only want to get equal when you feel you are less, remember you are not less, you are different. It’s the difference or let’s say polarity that keeps the man and woman together and yet apart. Embrace !!! Love it, rejoice it and cherish it!
The divine feminine is always at work:
I have been busy studying religions and the deeper spiritual aspects of each religion – be it Kabbalah, Hinduism, Christianity or anyone for that matter… the common aspect in all has been the truth about the divine feminine… the power of divine feminine is enigmatic, calm, full of love and tranquility. It’s an unfathomable energy which unfolds to heal, balance and nurture the earth.

Remember physics, energy is not just kinetic, there is potential energy (passive form). Aggression is not our dominant energy as women, it is only happening as an outburst of suppressed , denied and subjugated divine feminine that is now retaliating in confusion to emulate the male energy. Somewhere,seeing the male energy as winning and the dominant one woman have forgotten their own feminine power.
When we look within and bow down to our divine feminine, we will feel and experience the real power. The power struggle is not with the male energy…in fact, there is no struggle, it’s all about letting your divine energy surface. Rejoice in your passivity…

Wars are helping us hold on to the structure… but the beauty on earth is surviving because of love….UNCONDITIONAL FLOW of the divine feminine.

We all know about Gautam Buddha but not many knew about Mother Kwan Yin (also known as female buddha), she was buddha’s ardent follower/disciple and achieved enlightenment.

kwan-yinWhen she finally reached a stage to transcend to another dimension, she chose not to leave and remain closer to earth plane…Her need to heal, nurture and share her unconditional love has kept her here. If you believe, you can tune into her and she responds with no judgement (motherly love)

Yin – Yang/ Ardhnareshwar: Each one of us has the male and female energy flowing in within us, this energy is very talented and does not seek our permission to act or manifest itself. That is the reason you will feel men can exhibit soft mother like qualities and women can kill in battlefields. The point here is, this energy knows what to do, however, our thinking process, lifestyle can imbalance this energy.
Now that we are living in the world we are living in, the effort to tune into the divine energy can help bring back the balance. For i.e of you are working in an aggressive work atmosphere, it’s the yang energy that as a reflex mechanism flows through you. What happens when you reach home with the same energy …soon it may be two men living under one roof, not in the literal self but quite as much.
Work on focusing and channeling your divine feminine energy, go as effortless as you can and the world will unfold magically, problems will solve on their own. Relationships will be of a better quality.

There can be many environmental issues impacting how we have stopped feeling or connecting with our deepest selves. It is the era of the divine feminine, more and more of that is needed to preserve the earth and save it from all the destruction around. Let’s just dwell in love, peace, and light and spread it in our act or simply through our energies!!!

Whenever it get’s tense tune in and tap into the reservoir within…the abundant power of limitless love!!! Spread: The collective consciousness can do a lot more than one individual can!!
What works for me: Owning up to my mistakes without being judgemental (remember divine feminine is forgiving and kindness), acceptance and self-awareness, Chakra Balancing meditation, Kwan Yin Meditation and whatever helps you tune into your limitless divine feminine power.

Learning to see others for their soul and learning to overlook vices can actually transform vices, I TRY AND PRACTISE…there is no failure in this journey, there may be disappointments but that too adds to the soul growth!

2 thoughts on “Since when are men and women suppose to be equal?

  1. Very well expressed and very valid points. I agree, yes, we are different but equal in every way and should use our way to “win” over issues. Even the masculine energy in us can be used for action and decisiveness but tempered from a place of love.


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