Skin Sutra

7 Basic Must Do’s for Rosacea skin every day…

Rosacea is a case of extremely sensitive skin with dilated capillaries. Not much clarity yet why it happens? In my experience and observation and all the researches I have done so far it can be due to leaky gut, emotional issues ( extreme stress), the sun or even alcohol… let’s say you are sensitive to quite a few things and need that extra care and lifestyle management.self-ie-2

You are special and need EXTRA care ;). I have rosacea and it has subsided a lot over years but it has taken some management and extra care. The days I don’t, it comes back: Hey you I need attention!

Something never runs out of fashion and that is called routine habit around your skin care regime. Whatever be your skin type if you follow them like religion, your skin with retaining its vitality even when you are 70′. This is beside your known cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routine

1. Splashing cold water every day: Skin loves moisture and water. As soon as you wake up splash your face with cold water, splash it on the count of 16/32 0r create a count routine. Why? It’s not for the purpose of washing, it’s for the purpose of invigorating, strokes of water splashed on your face, trigger circulation and circulate the flow of toxins out from your face…the force which you splash increases the circulation.

2.You need sunscreen even while you are indoors: choose a mild water based sunscreen, apply sunscreen possibly thrice a day. Sunscreens and SPF work only for a duration. Try sticking to something herbal or depending on your skin type

3. Enjoy drinking water: Don’t gulp it down to meet your routine of water is good but have water through the day. Sip slowly, almost like tea, also if you can add green tea or tea infusions, as a tea of that sort is also water along with some antioxidants. Though please ensure you don’t have water right before or after your meals (as your digestive juices get diluted) , allow that 30-40 mins pre and post. Thank the water you drink for keeping the flow within your system, keeps you feeling good every time you drink. Sounds strange maybe but water and gratitude work to make your skin more radiant.

4. Create a water routine for your face: You can make your own water tonic, mixing rose water, drops of lavender and distilled water or chamomile infusion water. Splash it on your face when feeling tired.

5. Blood purifiers: Try triphala powder and also herbal liver detox once in few months, for the kind of food we eat, create or leave toxins that need to leave your blood stream. Take care of your liver and stomach with Ayurveda – don’t wait for the problems to happen to attend to your skin, be proactive

6. Chamomile tea, avocado oil and clary sage oil drops in avocado oil (mixed), helped me a lot

7.My skin feels good and beautiful every day, I have more color than others …think positively about this and it won’t be an issue…it’s just that you are a delicate darling and need more attention

Clean skin is good skin and needs no makeup, sunscreen and moisturizer can be your only your only makeup if you keep it clean and healthy

What all chemicals to avoid, some good brands in the market for rosacea, etc in my next topic..

Till then, love and light!

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