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Can oils work better than anti-aging serums?

natio-agelessI am moving towards 40 and am looking for nature’s best offering to anti ageing for a sensitive skin. In search for the perfect skin care that can support me through the year, I came across rosehip seed oil. Anything I will say on this extremely nutritious oil will be less.The oil is a gift to beauty regimen and despite the pungent smell, it is a blessing for all skin types!

Why rosehip seed oil?

This oil is a powerhouse of vitamin A, C and E- cellular turnover, collagen support and deep hydration. If vitamins are not enough, in my research I also found the richness of the oil in terms of fatty acids – over 70% of it is about linoleic acid or omega-6, and linolenic acid or omega-3. BTW, there is another oil that delivers the same promise, I alternate this and rosehip to get optimum results (that oil I shall mention in my next article on oils for youthful skin in late 30’s

Here’s my experience:

I use it only during the night owing to the T-ZONE: right after facewash when the skin is till damp, I apply few drops of rosehip.

  1. While the absorption is very fast, as if your skin drinks it up, post the first few days, I noticed my skin feeling rough. I assume my skin was peeling more rapidly owing to Retinol action of the oil. I needed to exfoliate it more often.
  2. However, the glow was prominent, I always get compliments on the glow but I knew this was contributing.
  3. Post a month of still using it, I can’t say my skin has transformed dramatically but then we need patience with nature’s offerings, what matters is the compatibility with your skin. This oil is an excellent night oil.
  4. I would recommend not using it during the day as any oil has the tendency to attract grime and cause breakouts.
  5. It’s a long term use oil and my suggestion is not to form an opinion on what it does or doesn’t early on. Give it a patient six months and see how it transforms your skin. I have fine lines and will share the pictures post six months positive of the results it’s already giving me.

 The brand I used  


Rosehip Natio Ageless Organic Oil

  • No stickiness, pure pungent smell (you kind if like it for the purity in the smell), cold pressed so rest assured the properties of oil not tampered with heat, clean slick small dark bottle (oils ideally should come in dark bottles and avoid sun light)
  • A little pump bottle, so you pour a few drops and not more.
  • Costs about 1100/- INR, last enough, says easily two  -three months, if only for face.

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