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The myth about Botox


With advent of newer cosmetic treatments Botox has become an old method for more youthful appearance. Yet, there are always discussions about pros and cons of Botox. My personal opinion is there is no harm in trying to see if suits you or if you need it at all. It’s a personal choice. However, this write up is dedicated to all those who have been intending to try it but yet haven’t due to all the apprehensions and stories around this anti- ageing quick fix.


  1.  Once you get Botox done, you will have to get it done again and again and you also wrinkle faster – Don’t know the genesis of this myth but happy to clear it basis my interaction with various doctors and experts in the beauty industry. And when I don’t believe any, I spend time researching. It starts with a very simple understanding of what Botox actually does. Essentially, we have two kinds of wrinkles static and motion. Motion wrinkles are …our laugh lines, forehead frowns, crow’s feet, etc. Botox contains botulinum toxin type A, which is a toxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. This toxin (don’t get scared 😊), paralyses, the motion wrinkles, hence the  stops the movement. The facial muscles that move a lot causing those wrinkles tend to relax as an outcome. As a result, the skin also auto repairs and tries to fill the gaps. Therefore, the motion arrest is supported by skin’s natural tendency to relax, gives us these results, we find miraculous
  2. It is only for old people – Not really! It is for anyone who can see and get uncomfortable with those frown lines or motion wrinkles and I know some as young as twenty who have gone for it. My point of view is that if at all you have to or want to go for it, try early on. as more the muscles relax and recuperate the need for Botox will only be prolonged. It’s nothing but a way of allowing your skin to build resilience.
  3. It’s a toxic chemical in the body – Well, yes, it’s toxic but not a chemical and yes, it’s another bacterial type we introduce to those regions we want to be treated. The PLUS point is it is flushed out of your system. That the very reason, Botox needs repeats at fixed intervals

Now, if you are someone who likes experimenting go ahead, try it for yourself. As much as I am in support of people who try cosmetic ways to regenerate their appearance, I am a firm believer, that it may not even happen soon enough if we have a proper diet, plenty of water and good blood rushing through our veins. Personally, as much as I love experimenting, I also like crow’s feet, there is something sexy about it, a sign of unabashed laughter and lived life (hmm…only crow’s feet…lol)

See you soon…love and light

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