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I found a super way to boost collagen!

They say age is in the mind, the trick is to keep it from creeping down into your body (anonymous)

Collagen needs no mentioning, thanks to the beauty brands with collagen boosting creams, serums and supplements! It’s a bigger challenge to know which one to use and why?

Personally, I think collagen creams cannot really do much except giving an instant plumping effect. Simple reason, limited penetration through skin. Also, collagen is produced within our body hence external application may not really help, and I am not sure about the collagen pills either. Yet to learn about it in detail.

However, in my quest for a good collagen booster, I stumbled upon Meji, a Japanese amino collagen supplement.

Have been taking it for quite some time now and happy to share the benefits!

First let me share the ingredients:

  • Collagen peptide – 71%
  • Maltodextrin
  • Glucosamine Hydrochloride
  • Sodium Ascorbate
  • L arginine
  • Thickener -INS 414

Absorbing collagen peptide, boosts collagen production essential for supple and elastic skin. The peptides link themselves to collagen forming cells and boost newer collagen to be formed. Hence, protein of this kind is essential for collagen formation. As we age collage decreases, this  seems like  a healthy way to boost collagen.

Why did I choose Meji?

Firstly I am  okay with fish. Meji is tasteless peptide collagen derived from fish. So, if you are a vegetarian, it is not for you! The benefit of Meji is that it’s easily absorbed by the body due to it’s light molecules  and  high compatibility with the human body.  By the end of the day, what we are consuming is protein that boosts collagen and not collagen itself. Fish is lean protein and Meji claims to have made it easy to absorb

Since there is no taste, it can be added to anything water, juice, milk , tea, dal, literally anything. For me it’s water..and I feel  it has no taste and no smell and that’s excellent!

My experience:

I have typically taken it for three months at a stretch then a break and then back to it again. I like to give my body a break from anything, just my body intelligence guides me to do so. As most things we take support of, I don’t forget body has on it’s own intelligence and I tend to follow.


I have an oily skin which is dehydrated at times. With Meji, I have noticed a dewy glow.  I am sure it’s doing more but I like the fact that the skin gets the desired moisturized look from within. I  have it with implicit faith,  not questioning if it’s actually turning the clock. The reason for taking  it is preventive  prolonging the collagen loss and not recovery.

Price : It costs 2200/-  for a 200 gm can and to me it’s better than buying a collagen cream. If you want to try it out as well, my advise is be consistent, have it everyday, don’t question the outcome before three months. Once you see the quality of your skin get better, you’ll know. I benefited and continue to have.

I used it as a post work out protein as itIMG_20171014_112450’s good for my bones and cartilage and of course the metabolism  is better right after a satisfying work out.

In the end, I ll say whatever you do, use, eat, follow, do it with full faith. Most often people buy and have things more with doubt. That doesn’t work. Thoughts are energy, give good energy to whatever your conscious lead you to try  and thoughts have a role too… Ok before I get preachy again, I stop right here.

Love and Light!

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