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Play with lipcolors, how?

Should not be too bright and yet not too understated – is that your style? .. Well, not easy to satisfy those kinds (includes me) even with the world filled with option in lip colours. We search much more than others.. we do it till we find what feels good..or else we don’t buy. If you can’t find, then lets play with it, create our own.

Just make sure you invest in a good quality brand with essential oils in it. Afterall its all about those beautiful lips.

Cocktail mix of Colors?

Choose a muted base, top it with bright. Results are something’s in the middle. You may like it after all you customised your lip color by yourself.

Example of what I did here:

@thebodyshopindia was having fun with Colors.

Just created a mix lip colour..suited for all skin tones . Mix #mat liquid #lip colour Taipei (020) with matte (410).. you get this lovely colour. #beautysutra #lipstick #colors #bodyshop

Must say happy time at airport, well spent .

Mantra: if you don’t get it, blend it. Maybe the one reading knows that already…in that case.. hi five!

Love and light

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