Sukirti Sharma is a consumer Insights and Marketing Professional with decades of professional experience. She is an avid learner, listener, story teller, beauty advisor and a spiritual explorer.

Through this site, my wish is to reach out to every woman across the world. The hope is to inspire them with a few simple things I have followed and have helped me a during my years of growing up and discovering me…it’s an never ending journey, the learning, accepting — this whole journey of being you!!!

In a world where media, internet and cosmetic industries are setting stereotypes of beauty, the confidence to find our own beauty is a rapidly diminishing quality.

Is it the arched brows? Silky straight hair? Same skinny jeans? A little splash by starlets in Media and next thing we know is that the botox industry jumped in business, every girl had the same straight hair and everyone wore skinny jeans — skinny or not..doesn’t matter!! We form an increasing tribe of girls trying to fit the constantly evolving definition of beauty. It’s TOUGH to not remain affected…I have gone through this phase too to finally evolve to understand each of us are very UNIQUE…and celebrating it is an awesome expression of self respect!

Our thoughts have the power to shape our being…and every cell of our body! Here are few things I follow for my beautiful soul , from my diary some things I can pass as learnings and feel happy if it helps even one person anywhere or somewhere reading this just now — Remember you are UNIQUE!! celebrate it without questioning why (?)

Contact me at sukirtisharma79 (@) gmail.com.

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