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Book tips: The Anatomy of Loneliness

I want to give you a tip about a book on Storytel: Three pillars of loneliness - separation, shame n fear The only way to understand this is to look in it... See inside what each one of these pillars mean to us.. We are conceived in connection... We are not differentiated ...we don't… Continue reading Book tips: The Anatomy of Loneliness

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Happiness for sale..

So here is a story... Science had taken a leap... Finally the long awaited research on happiness had come to fruition. Now, happiness was selling like pills with grades and levels... You could buy as per how much you wanted to amplify. Ofcourse each grade up costed premium. Now like your internet connection, car, house… Continue reading Happiness for sale..

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Do you see you, the way I see me?

Just for today, when I look into the mirror, I look into my eyes and not worry about the shape of my brows Just for today I look at my eyes and see the beauty in the kindness that shines through them.. Just for today, I look at my lips and not think Colors Just… Continue reading Do you see you, the way I see me?

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Play with lipcolors, how?

Should not be too bright and yet not too understated - is that your style? .. Well, not easy to satisfy those kinds (includes me) even with the world filled with option in lip colours. We search much more than others.. we do it till we find what feels good..or else we don't buy. If… Continue reading Play with lipcolors, how?