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Play with lipcolors, how?

Should not be too bright and yet not too understated - is that your style? .. Well, not easy to satisfy those kinds (includes me) even with the world filled with option in lip colours. We search much more than others.. we do it till we find what feels good..or else we don't buy. If… Continue reading Play with lipcolors, how?

Nutrition Sutra

Spoonfeed yourself with this early morning !

#glowingskin here is the #hack that works for me. Squeeze one full 🍋 and one table spoon of cold pressed #olive oil. Drink it on empty stomach everyday. What remains apply on your face. Go on make it a ritual, you will thank me for ❤️❤️❤️Just know when is importantempty stomachStay with it for 10-15… Continue reading Spoonfeed yourself with this early morning !